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Las redes sociales son un entramado, un ecosistema. Creado por la gente y para la gente. A través de las redes sociales corre una nueva forma de comunicarnos. Las empresas nunca mas podrán ser simples "emisores" de mensajes y publicidad. Las redes sociales nos dan la ventaja de poder comunicarnos en dos sentidos, interactuar. La empresa, como nunca antes recibe la retroalimentacion de sus clientes.

Siendo el turismo una actividad donde el elemento humano es primordial, es de suma importancia que las redes sociales se integren a nuestras empresas y se utilicen para dar el mensaje, pero tambien para recibir toda esa importante percepción, retroalimentación y experiencia de la gente, de nuestro cliente, de nuestro público, sobre nuestros productos y destinos.

En este blog presento una recopilación de los temas mas interesantes que he encontrado sobre Redes Sociales, Marketing on line, Management, Desarrollo humano, Educación, Espiritualidad, Internet y Turismo. Son los temas que me apasionan. Todos llevan sus respectivos creditos. Gracias por estar aqui.

domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

29 Reasons Why You Should be Blogging and Not Watching Television
I sat down tonight for a while to watch some TV and as I channel surfed I caught myself thinking, “what is the use of this?” Yes, there were some funny ads that flitted across the screen in neat 30 second intervals, there was some entertaining comedy and informative content. As my TV viewing has diminished in recent years and my blogging has increased I have begun to realize the personal and business benefit to me and my company by blogging with a purpose. (Surgeon Generals Warning: Blogging without being passionate about your topic can be bad for your health)

So here are some reasons to blog.

1.You learn a lot more researching and writing than passively vegetating in front of the TV
2.You get feedback from your customers without asking for it
3.Positions your company and brand as thought leader and authority in your industry
4.Acquire more customers through indirect means by adding real value that is noticed
5.Builds a body of work that lasts
6.Your Websites SEO is continually improved and optimized
7.Keeps your brand ahead of your competitors
8.You engage with your customers
9.Builds your company’s brand
10.Grow your personal brand
11, Gather than passivity builds momentum
12.Creates New Ideas
13.Builds Networks on all sorts of levels
14.Facilitates sharing between customers
15. Creates Comunity
16. Provides an outet and feeds your passion
17.You make more money
18.Provides content for ebooks, online video podcasts and webinars
19.Feeds your passion
20.It clarifies and codifies your thinking by putting pen to paper..I mean in the 21st century “fingers to the d”
21.Prepares you for a book
22.Builds your resume
23.Provides authenticity- before PR sanitizes a news release
24.Lets you speak in your voice
25.Builds relationships with industry leaders
26.Helps you make a difference in the world
27.To just plain help people
28.Keep ahead of the trends in your industry
29. To have fun.

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